Project Description

October 5, 2019

The Queen and her Inner Battles

By Jacquie Comrie Garrido

Curated by Jacquie Comrie Garrido and produced by Art Starts’ Project Manager Julian Carvajal, we will create a cohesive work of multidisciplinary performance art based on Jacquie’s visual works. Using elements of Afro-Caribbean dance, samba drums, one-of-a-kind headwear and original costumes, Jacquie’s Colour Theory works will be brought fully to life in support of Social Healing, Mental Health and Wellness.

Jacquie Comrie
Lead Artist
“Colour is the universal language of emotions and a tool powerful enough to repair not only spaces but minds. Colour is light and energy, an electric current to the human brain, proven to possess healing properties and the ability to change our thoughts, behaviour and the way we feel for the better.” Jacquie Comrie
Jacquie Comrie is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist whose vibrant body of work intersects contemporary art and wellness at a global scale, using colour as a medium of social impact and mental health.
Whether as murals on buildings, large scale structures, or canvases, her body of work is a dynamic exploration of the science of colour as the universal language of human emotion. Colour has been proven to have a direct effect on human emotion, for which her palettes are consciously designed and orchestrated aiming to cater to mental wellbeing at large.
In such divisive times, and with mental health issues on the rise across the globe, her work aims to contribute to much-needed spaces of mental elevation and reset, to ultimately help improve quality of life of all individuals- one wall at a time.

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