Callejon de Memoria (Memory Lane)

Is an immersive dance-theatre installation that explores cultural memory and lingering sensations of “home.” Ontario, which is home to a growing diverse diaspora population, is intricately webbed into a global cradle of cultural memory. Callejon de Memoria was first created with 24 performers for Toronto Nuit Blanche in October of 2015. The installation is made up of four interactive vignettes that are sequentially lit to guide the audience through a transformed womb-like space. In 2017 it Suitcase in the Soil festival invited us to perform the installation where we engaged over 300 audience members.


Dancers: Irma Vilalfuerte, Amanda Paixao, Rehana Tejpar, Chellz, Juanita Suarez, Falcioni Patino, Nicole Geary, Dainty Smith, Isabel Estrada, Cheryl Chan, Esteban Aguillar, Victoria Mata, Emilious Ramirez
Production Assistance: Stephanie Thompson, Veronica Bravo, Tabitha Grant, Ian MacCan
Instalaltion designers: Alejandra Higuera and Lisseth Torres, Janet Romero
Sound escape and percussion: Y Josephine and Jackeline Rago
Technical director: James Kendal
Photographer and videographer: Kevin Jones