A visceral exploration through dance and multimedia about our perpetual shifting relationship to “La Frontera” (The Border).

ImShift creates a visceral landscape of memory and chance that journeys through personal stories of migration and hybrid border identities creating a series of solos, ensemble works and audience interventions. Living in a perpetual relationship to ‘La frontera’, the performers exhibit their entanglements of borders, edges, limits, languages, confinements and the constant flux of unity and separation. Contesting the North American concept of being hyphenated or bi-cultural, ImShift claims an identity of the ‘in-between,’ which embodies a shifting, transient, evolving entity between borders as a subtle form of resistance against generations of invisibility, oppression and political genocide in the Americas.


A co-creation of Victoria Mata & Alejandra Higuera

Production | Victoria Mata Productions
Multimedia & Artistic Direction | Alejandra Higuera
Multimedia Assistant | Naomi Dodds
Choreography & Artistic Direction | Victoria Mata
Composer & Music Direction | Jackeline Rago
Live DJ | Francesca Nocera
Direction | Janet Romero
Stage Manager & Community outreach | Elissa Hatton
Tech & Lighting | James Kendal
Costume Design | Nahiti Ortega
Dancers | Irma Villafuerte, Amanda Paixao, Tereka Tyler-Davis, Stephanie Caldeira, Victoria Mata
Percussionist | Y Josephine